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Soul Eater: Crona

Completed August 2013

Items Made: Robe, Cuffs, Boot Covers, Wig

 This costume started out as a clergyman's robe pattern which in the end became a heavily edited version of itself.  I chose a front closing robe as I thought it would be visually more interesting than just a form fitted gown.  The robe is made from crepe suiting with cotton lining.  The cuffs are craft foam covered in the same crepe suiting fabric and embellished with black piping and large wooden buttons.  The boot covers are also made from craft foam with black button detail. Both the boot covers and cuffs are detachable for ease of storage and travel.

The wig was purchased and cut and styled by me and is the first wig that I've done where I actually like the finished wig.  I used the Aphrodite wig from Epic Cosplay and a package of the 15" wefts both in Dark Pink.  All I had to do was cut in the bangs/fringe leaving the uneven locks in the front.  Then a couple of the wefts were sewn into…