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More Prince Diamond stuff...

So, in my previous post I mentioned that my fabric swatches got lost in the mail. I had originally ordered two colors of the same fabric.  White taffeta with White velvet flocking and Silver taffeta with White flocking... well, I never got those swatches... and when I contacted the company, they said they were out of the silver/white... I asked if there were going to get anymore of the silver/white, but they didn't answer... I also told them to go ahead and send me the white/white so I could at least see if that's what I wanted.

By the way, the company is Big Z Fabrics or  

 Well, today, I got the white/white... and here's some pictures. The first two are with flash... the last two without... and I photoed from different angles so you could see how it plays with the light.

The fabric is nice, but kind of thin, so that's why there's a piece of paper behind it... otherwise it takes on a blue-gray tint from Gemmima.  I'll definitely have to line the …

Hair and Makeup and other stuff.

So I've been hacking... I mean cutting on my wig for Prince Diamond... and it needs a little more work but it's starting to get there.

This is really only my second wig that I've done... My first was my original wig for Uranus... but I didn't really like how that turned out and have since replaced that one.

The key to wig cutting, I've learned, is cut little by little and try the wig on A WHOLE LOT.  Because even though I pin my wig to a male wig head, it still looks COMPLETELY different on me than it does on the mannequin.  

But I worked on it just a little more since I took those pics and now I'm really liking it.  

For those of you who are afraid to take on wigs... first off, read World of Wigcraft by Katie Bair.   It is AMAZING.  And once you get your mind to accept that there are very few mistakes that can't be fixed in wigcraft, you'll feel a lot more confident.  

Say, for instance, that you cut the wig to short... is the wig ruined?  Did you just wast…

Sally Deconstructed

I made a lot of costumes before I started this blog, so I really have nothing about the processes I went through other than a few pictures I took.  So I've decided that I'd like to revisit some of my pre-blog works and talk a little more in depth about them... 

And I wanted to start with Sally the Ragdoll because I was really pleased with how this one turned out.  

When I approached this costume, I knew immediately that I DIDN'T want to do this.

It's the Sally Sack Dress!!!  If you've ever seen the movie, you'd know that Sally has curves.  

See?  There's a waist and hips and even boobs.  The costume above doesn't flatter at all.  And even when I've seen other Sallys?... Sallies?...  Salllai?... that were hand made, a lot of girls make a straight shift or a straight a-line dress and those don't really flatter their bodies, either.

So... first I needed to find a flattering dress pattern

BAM!  Simplicity 5189.  Look at View D -- the first rendering in th…