More Prince Diamond stuff...

So, in my previous post I mentioned that my fabric swatches got lost in the mail. I had originally ordered two colors of the same fabric.  White taffeta with White velvet flocking and Silver taffeta with White flocking... well, I never got those swatches... and when I contacted the company, they said they were out of the silver/white... I asked if there were going to get anymore of the silver/white, but they didn't answer... I also told them to go ahead and send me the white/white so I could at least see if that's what I wanted.

By the way, the company is Big Z Fabrics or  

 Well, today, I got the white/white... and here's some pictures. The first two are with flash... the last two without... and I photoed from different angles so you could see how it plays with the light.

The fabric is nice, but kind of thin, so that's why there's a piece of paper behind it... otherwise it takes on a blue-gray tint from Gemmima.  I'll definitely have to line the jacket.

Also, I don't know how much I really like this company.  While they didn't charge me for the second swatch... I'm still kind of concerned that the first one never got to me at all.  I'd hate to order 50 bucks of fabric and it get lost in the mail or whatever.

And really, all I've done since my last post is worked on my wig... which I'm debating on cutting it shorter... 

Then with the magic of photoshop I did some "cutting" on a few of the pics... mostly the center row... just to see how it would look.  I REALLY like the center pic and the center right pic.

And then finally, here's a few of the digital cut pic side by side with their artwork counterparts.  The really tricky thing about Prince D's hair is that the drawings aren't consistent.  I think that's a BIG problem with ALL anime.  

So once I figure out to cut or not to cut, I'll either cut or not cut.

Last on the list is just a few pics of the coat pattern all cut out and read to go.

All I've done is added the sleeve... I may take a little more length off of the bottom hem, but I'm not sure yet.  But I tried it on and it fits well.  So, yeah, I just need to decide on fabric and get that ordered and then I'll be ready move forward. 

Fabric and Finishes



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