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Lady of the Lake WIP

So these past few days I've started on my next project... well... it isn't for me... but it's something I'm working on.  This one is for a character from the Monty Python stage show, Spamalot.  It's pretty much Quest for the Holy Grail... with more musical numbers. 

My mission this go round is the Lady of the Lake (who's not in the movie but was added to the stage show).  And she's pretty much THE female lead.  We're kind of going with medieval warrior mermaid lady...  So the bodice is pretty standard... princess seams... not quite a square neckline and made out of a green velvet upholstery.  The skirt is from a purple and gold brocade... but I'm using the reverse which looks like scales... floor length with a train.  Pardon the mannequin in the pics... it's really short so the costume drowns it. 

Next up I added in a slightly puffy upper sleeve with a bell shaped lower sleeve.  The upper sleeve is a green stretch velvet with gold glitter detail…

My "New Year's Resolutions" for 2014

Okay, so I don't really like saying New Year's resolutions... cause it's kinda lame... but there ARE goals that I'd like to accomplish this year... so I guess, technically, they're resolutions... but whatever... haha!  Some of  them are new projects, some are completions of old projects, some deal with costuming and some don't.  But I wanted to share a few of them with you guys!

I guess I was really inspired by a couple of other blogs I read right around the new year.  Apparently there are some cool sewing challenges that are designed to inspire/motivate you to spend more time sewing and less time procrastinating... which is something I'm REALLY good at... when I get around to it. 

Here's a couple of those challenges.

They're both mostly geared towards historical/period costuming for women.  But since I'm a du…

Rising New Moon Studios has a new home!!!

Or as I like to call it... "The Workshop Under the Bed"  because, seriously, this is UNDER my bed.  And this is what I've been up to the past several weeks.  I've been a busy bee sorting, cleaning, purging, organizing, and all the other "ings" you can come up with.  

Now, it's not completely done, and it isn't perfect.  But that's okay because the important thing is I can start working at home again... 

So let's break it down and I'll give you the pictorial tour!!!

First off, my bed is from IKEA.  They call it a loft bed, but really it's a bunk bed minus the bottom bunk.  Which is awesome because in my new place I have less room to work so I had to maximize my space.  The climbing in and out of bed is kind of a pain, but the end result it totally worth it. 

Then I added in a shelving unit and desk combo ALSO from IKEA. The desk gives me a sizable work surface and all the cubbies provide plenty of storage.  

I also have another folding ta…