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Sew it goes....

Hello there everyone!!  
So, what's new?  Well... first lets chat about the pic above... I bought these crystal paperweights today at Hobby Lobby.  I plan to somehow use these for what I'm assuming are broaches holding up Prince Diamond's cape.  These were normally 3.99 and I've been eyeballing them for a good while... I've even looked at the acrylic versions you can get for wedding tablescapes but those just weren't as pretty.
But today when I went in, these were 50% off so I bought them... On a side note it was hard to find 4 matching gems... the cuts in the crystals were different and also a lot of them were chipped... so finding 4 matching crystals that were all undamaged took like 30 minutes.  hahaha!
In other news, the Red Caps at school are coming along slowly... originally we decided to not line the capes... which saves money and meant less cutting... However it means more time spent finishing all the edges with rolled hems.  So, I've finished 2... the…

The Government Inspector: Bobchinsky & Dobchinsky

The Government Inspector
Bobchinsky & Dobchinsky
Sept. 2012
These costumes were done for a college theater production.  The coat is made from a funky paisley upholstery... and by funky I mean it was a weird fabric.  It was woven but it almost acted like a knit... like I said... weird.  I used Burda pattern 2767. (It's the same pattern I used for Bill the Duck)  Except this time I kept more along the lines of View A.  Only I altered the front pieces to be pointed at the waist seam.  I left off the bottom front pieces and I combined and simplified the side bottom back and the bottom back... I also shortened those.  Lastly I raised the stance at center front to keep it wide and boxy.
For the trousers, I just did a simple 4 piece short pant with elastic in the waist and at the hem just below the knee.
An earlier blog on the construction of these costumes can be found here.

And as promised.  Here's the dress that would make one look like a lamp in a whorehouse.  Before you g…

Here's an Amazing Book you should check out!!!!

Hello all!!!
So today I was at work... (I work in a bookstore as my "real job")  And I happened across this book.  Fashion: The Definitive History of Costume and Style. 
I flipped through it and it is amazing!!!  
Here's the summary from a website...
"Containing everything you need to know about changing fashion and style -- from ancient Egyptian dress to Space Age Fashion and Grunge -- and information on icons like Marie Antoinette, Clara Bow, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Alexander McQueen, Fashion catalogs the history of what people wear, revealing how Western fashion has been influenced by design from around the world and celebrating costume and haute couture."
It's 450 pages of pictures and sketches and historical references...  
So if you're a costumer and you need a quick glance guide of the the overall styles and trends of a certain year.... this book nails it.  Seriously, you just pick a year and flip to those pages and you'll see what was in st…

Suck it, Reds!

Suck it, Blues!!! 

There's a little nod to all of you Red Vs. Blue fans out there... For those not in the know, RvB is a webseries based on the Halo game franchise... it's pretty hilarious, but the language is in abundance so viewers be warned. Google it if you wanna watch it, though.

Anyway, so in one of my previous blogs, I gave you a little hinty hint about my next project... Perhaps I should have said PROJECTS...  hmm.... I wonder how to count this one... do I count each one as a project or do I count it as one BIG project... and how does it count if its the same task over and over...


Perhaps I should explain what it is!!!

So, I'm doing contract work for my college's theater department and the next show is Three Musketeers.  In most traditional interpretations, the Musketeers are in Blue capes and the soldiers are in Red...

I'm in charge of making the Red Capes.  OOH! I'm gonna call them Red Caps!!!  Like in Harry Potter!!!

Well, I'm making the Red Caps…

Kitty/Animal Paws

Kitty/Animal Paws
Completed 2008
Both the gloves and the boots feature two types of fur, short fur over the hands and feet and longer fur over the forearms and calves.  I thought it'd be best to keep the fur cleaner when handling things.  
The gloves feature contrast fur patches to resemble the pads found on a cat's paw. The boots used house slippers as a base, over which I added "sculpted" toes-- they're not just shoe covers -- and they have boning to keep from sagging or drooping. I wanted to add in little nail tips but the person I made them for opted out of that.  However I did add eyelets so she could tie ribbon bows in them. 

Today in Costume Land

It's not like I haven't been doing anything.  I've been hired by my old college theater department to do some costume stuff for a couple of their shows this semester.  
But before we get to that....
Look what I found in the costume shop.  I thought this was pretty cool looking... This is a skirt that was hanging around that I really liked all the embroidery on --- not big on the sequins but I like the idea of it... So I snapped a few pictures and these will go into my inspiration folder for Prince Diamond.... (See the previous post about that.) 

I also wanted to show you all an example of layering fabrics... here you can take two fabrics and lay them on top of each other to make a new fabric... I've used this technique on the dress for Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist and on the Bodice of the Water Faerie.... both can be seen in my Gallery.  In the pics below, you can see that a sheer pinky, plaid organza was laid over a yellow satin... To use this technique, all you do is …