The Government Inspector: Bobchinsky & Dobchinsky

 The Government Inspector

Bobchinsky & Dobchinsky

Sept. 2012

These costumes were done for a college theater production.  The coat is made from a funky paisley upholstery... and by funky I mean it was a weird fabric.  It was woven but it almost acted like a knit... like I said... weird.  I used Burda pattern 2767. (It's the same pattern I used for Bill the Duck)  Except this time I kept more along the lines of View A.  Only I altered the front pieces to be pointed at the waist seam.  I left off the bottom front pieces and I combined and simplified the side bottom back and the bottom back... I also shortened those.  Lastly I raised the stance at center front to keep it wide and boxy.

For the trousers, I just did a simple 4 piece short pant with elastic in the waist and at the hem just below the knee.

An earlier blog on the construction of these costumes can be found here.  

And as promised.  Here's the dress that would make one look like a lamp in a whorehouse.  Before you get offended, that's a line from the script. This character's husband walks in and asks her, "Why are you dressed like a lamp in a whorehouse?"  Sadly I didn't make this dress, but it's still awesome.


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