Suck it, Reds!

Suck it, Blues!!! 

There's a little nod to all of you Red Vs. Blue fans out there... For those not in the know, RvB is a webseries based on the Halo game franchise... it's pretty hilarious, but the language is in abundance so viewers be warned. Google it if you wanna watch it, though.

Anyway, so in one of my previous blogs, I gave you a little hinty hint about my next project... Perhaps I should have said PROJECTS...  hmm.... I wonder how to count this one... do I count each one as a project or do I count it as one BIG project... and how does it count if its the same task over and over...


Perhaps I should explain what it is!!!

So, I'm doing contract work for my college's theater department and the next show is Three Musketeers.  In most traditional interpretations, the Musketeers are in Blue capes and the soldiers are in Red...

I'm in charge of making the Red Capes.  OOH! I'm gonna call them Red Caps!!!  Like in Harry Potter!!!

Well, I'm making the Red Caps and I have to make 10 of them!!!

Luckily we're employing some theater shortcuts... Like skipping the lining and possibly the trim.  (we'll see on the trim... right now it's slated for "if there's time")  That happens a lot in theater... sometimes you just have to let go of the small stuff so you actors don't perform naked.


oohhh... big bolt of Brick Red Cotton Twill Microsuede... (This is one of my favorite fabrics... it's tough (it sews like denim) but it's not terribly hot and it's so soft!!!!  You can also see my patterns all traced out and ready to go...  I trace my patterns on plastic painters drop because it's ridiculously fast to transfer your patterns and the plastic will last FOREVER.  The pattern is McCalls 5214 View D.  No modifications except skipping the lining and shirt tail hemming all of the raw edges. 

Here's one set of pieces all cut out... 

Here's today's accomplishment.  I got 6 Red Caps cut out... 4 more to go!!!

And here's those four.... Four lengths of pre-washed fabric waiting to be pressed. 

Lather, Rinse, and Repeat,



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