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Renaissance: Brown and Gold Doublet

Renaissance Various Created March 2012
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Brown and Gold Doublet

This was a modifcation of Simplicity 4059. All I really did is cut off some of the length of the peplum.  The fabric is a brown and gold upholstery fabric I got at a going out of business sale YEARS ago.  It was pretty basic.  It also has matching sleeves that aren't in this photo because this RenFaire was in Texas... during the summer... therefore... hot.

Navy Trousers

These are also from Simplicity 4059.  No modifications except that I'm not wearing them drawn up at the knee.  They're made from stretch corduroy with a very fine pile so they almost look like they're velvet.  Surprisingly they're not very hot.  I

Brown Trousers (not pictured but can be seen HERE.)

Same Simplicity pattern only the length of the legs were taken down to ankle length.  Made from plain dark brown cotton.   


So, the only piece I don't really like for Simplicity 4059 is the shirt pattern... from what I've re…

Random thoughts...

So, here's all the stuff about to go down...

I'm trying to finish Crona for All-Con... and I REALLY want to make a Ragnarok backpack puppet to go with it... otherwise the costume is pretty plain.

I will be making more costumes for McLennan Community College this semester.  I'm not sure what I'll be making yet.  I meet with the designer on Monday.  

AND, I'll be speaking at my old high school to the theater kids and possibly doing some costume work for them. 

OH!!! And before I forget!  I got my panel schedule for All-Con... I'll be presenting at Noon on Friday and at 10 am on Sunday... Come by and say 'hi' and talk costumes with me!!!!  

Other than that... I've been thinking about possibly doing a blog schedule kind of thing... like each day of the week would be a different kind of post... for example, every Friday I'll post a picture of another cosplayer/costume that I like and talk about why...  

What do you think?  Would you guys be into that? What…

First Costume of 2013!!!

Crona from the anime series and manga Soul Eater.  Crona is the child of a witch who has a lot of issues... oh, and his blood was replaced with demon blood which manifests itself as a big parasitic monster thing.

Despite all that Crona's a great character so I wanted to cosplay Crona.... notice the lack of gender specific pronouns?  In the original, untranslated anime/manga, Crona's gender is never specified.  Although I think Crona's male in the English translations.

So, anyway, I've started the costume... which is pretty simple -- of course I'm going to de-simplify it just to give it a little more interest... and also to challenge myself.

I started with this....

 Black Crepe Suiting I got at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  The crepe has a little bit of a texture to it breaks up the light and doesn't look too cartoony even though it's a solid color fabric.  You have to be careful with solid colors if you don't want a cartoon look.

Then I added this...

It's a cle…

Happy New Year!!! A Year in Costumes

Wow... it's hard to believe ANOTHER year has flown by.  And I didn't really make as many costumes as I have in previous years.  Or maybe I made more... I'm not really sure... But here's the run down.

First there were the costumes for The Chicken Opera, which can all be found in my Gallery.  Remember, I made TWO of the White and Brown Chicken costumes.  So there's 7.

 Then I made a shirt for my Renfairing... And I made a pair of Trousers that aren't shown here. So that brings the count to 9.

By the way, I'm browsing through my blog entries to remember what all I've done.  Can you believe this blog is a year old... well technically it's older but I didn't make my first post until January 2012 and here it is January 2013.  

I also made a pretty new Doublet for a friend of mine. 10.

Then I finished off the year with some more theater work.  2 matching costumes, 1 velvet cape, 13 red capes. 

 So costume totals for 2012 is 26.  Granted some of it was just …