Happy New Year!!! A Year in Costumes

Wow... it's hard to believe ANOTHER year has flown by.  And I didn't really make as many costumes as I have in previous years.  Or maybe I made more... I'm not really sure... But here's the run down.

First there were the costumes for The Chicken Opera, which can all be found in my Gallery.  Remember, I made TWO of the White and Brown Chicken costumes.  So there's 7.

 Then I made a shirt for my Renfairing... And I made a pair of Trousers that aren't shown here. So that brings the count to 9.

By the way, I'm browsing through my blog entries to remember what all I've done.  Can you believe this blog is a year old... well technically it's older but I didn't make my first post until January 2012 and here it is January 2013.  

I also made a pretty new Doublet for a friend of mine. 10.

Then I finished off the year with some more theater work.  2 matching costumes, 1 velvet cape, 13 red capes. 

 So costume totals for 2012 is 26.  Granted some of it was just pieces and some of it were full costumes... that's still a pretty busy year -- roughly 2 costumes a month. Not to mention the started but unfinished projects like Prince Diamond and the ever half-finished mask for Jack.

I want to thank everyone who has joined me this past year.  I hope that my little blog has brought you fun and inspiration and leads you into your own costuming endeavors.  And I hope 2013 brings just as much fun and creation as 2012.  

Here's to the new year!!!



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