Renaissance: Brown and Gold Doublet

Created March 2012

Items Made: All

Brown and Gold Doublet

This was a modifcation of Simplicity 4059. All I really did is cut off some of the length of the peplum.  The fabric is a brown and gold upholstery fabric I got at a going out of business sale YEARS ago.  It was pretty basic.  It also has matching sleeves that aren't in this photo because this RenFaire was in Texas... during the summer... therefore... hot.

Navy Trousers

These are also from Simplicity 4059.  No modifications except that I'm not wearing them drawn up at the knee.  They're made from stretch corduroy with a very fine pile so they almost look like they're velvet.  Surprisingly they're not very hot.  I

Brown Trousers (not pictured but can be seen HERE.)

Same Simplicity pattern only the length of the legs were taken down to ankle length.  Made from plain dark brown cotton.   


So, the only piece I don't really like for Simplicity 4059 is the shirt pattern... from what I've researched, it doesn't seem typical for Elizabethan clothing.  So mine is actually a mix of several patterns.  All of which I cannot remember... 

The fabric is just plain cotton and on the cuffs and collar I used a tiny overlock stitch to finish the raw edge of the ruffles and it gives the illusion of blackwork which I'm in no way eager or willing to work into a real garment.  For those scratching your heads, blackwork is basically intricate patterns and geometric designs embroidered with black thread onto white fabric.  It's very lovely, but I don't have the patience to actually do it.


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