First Costume of 2013!!!

Crona from the anime series and manga Soul Eater.  Crona is the child of a witch who has a lot of issues... oh, and his blood was replaced with demon blood which manifests itself as a big parasitic monster thing.

Despite all that Crona's a great character so I wanted to cosplay Crona.... notice the lack of gender specific pronouns?  In the original, untranslated anime/manga, Crona's gender is never specified.  Although I think Crona's male in the English translations.

So, anyway, I've started the costume... which is pretty simple -- of course I'm going to de-simplify it just to give it a little more interest... and also to challenge myself.

I started with this....

 Black Crepe Suiting I got at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  The crepe has a little bit of a texture to it breaks up the light and doesn't look too cartoony even though it's a solid color fabric.  You have to be careful with solid colors if you don't want a cartoon look.

Then I added this...

It's a clergyman's robe pattern put out by Butterick that I snagged at a $1 pattern sale.  The number is 6844.  I'm using the smallest size I can get into so it'll be snug and I look emaciated and sickly like Crona does.  And I'll add the white collar and cuffs.  I also want to keep the buttons all the way down the front like in the left drawing.  And I'll probably have to take off some of the length and possible a little of the volume of the bottom.

Then I laid everything out and started cutting... which was a pain because I don't have decent place to lay out and cut fabric... (and too many dogs for the floor to be an option).  So I just used a large piece of cardboard on my bed.  

 And here's everything all cut out and ready to go.

Lastly, I started stitching tonight and so far all I've done is some of the back... There are three large pleats in the back and they were kind of a pain.  But they look really nice.

The center pleat is finished and pressed but the side back pleats are not.

Seams make everything look better and more polished.

I'm hoping to get this done and then make a big Ragnarok backpack puppet thing to wear on my back.  PS. Ragnarok is the name of the demon monster/sword thing.


Stay tuned for more!!!



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