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Kingdom Hearts 2: Roxas

Roxas Completed Oct. 2010

Items Made: Jacket
This jacket started with a hoodie pattern from Burda that I found and have used several times now.  I went with a simple twill microsuede for the fabric.  Kingdom Hearts costumes are all about detail, so I threw every trick I had into this one.   There's piping running around the jacket under the black checker pattern that was screen printed--kinda--around the upper bodice.  Actually, to get the pattern on there I tried to embroider it but I couldn't get the pattern to run properly, so instead I ended up taping off the design with masking tape and brushing the paint on with a brush. Each row of squares had to be done individually.  It was a pain, but it turned out awesome--don't ask how many failed attempts there were due to impatience and smudged paint. 
The sleeves are lined with plain black cotton so the black band from the reference pic could be achieved by just rolling up the sleeve forming a fun cuff detail…

Help! Help! The Globolinks! -- School Girl Uniforms

School Girl Uniforms
Created April 2004

Items Made: Pleated Skirts
Help! Help! The Globolinks! is a really weird opera that my college put on several years ago.  I don't really remember much except that aliens invade a music school and start to infect the teachers.  Anyway, it's just a bunch of pleated skirts. The blazers were pulled from stock and skirts were made to match.  The reason the uniforms are different colors is to differentiate the leads from the ensemble. Also... we didn't have enough of that style of blazer so we went with the theory that the leads are upperclassmen and therefore wear different style uniforms.

Harry Potter: House Scarves

House Scarves

The Version I scarf is styled after the scarves worn in the first two films. It features a large stripe pattern in bright, bold colors and is finished with long tasseled ends. 
The Version II scarf is styled after the scarves worn throughout the rest of the films. This one features a trapped bar pattern in darker, more muted colors and the ends are finished with a short fringe.
I've made a few of these for myself.  I have an Ultimate Sweater Machine by Bond America and it is FANTASTIC for knitting scarves.  It only takes a few hours for these.  You can check out the Ultimate Sweater Machine at the link below.  It's also available at Hobby Lobby and Micheal's.  (Don't forget to use that 40% coupon). 
The yarn shown on the swatches is all the "I Love This Yarn" brand from Hobby Lobby.  I've listed the color names and numbers below the swatches and you can order online at the link belo…

Fullmetal Alchemist: Riza Hawkeye

Riza Hawkeye Created November 2007

Items Made: Jacket, Trousers, Belt/Peplum.

This was my first attempt at an FMA uniform and it was a great costume to make. See my second attempt here. (Maes Hughes) The hardest part was ALL the trims and details. The trim had to be placed and then sewn down before the garment pieces were sewn together in order to hide the stitches.  For fabric I used a nice gabardine fabric in navy. The fabric has a slight stretch which isn't necessary, but makes it much more comfy.  I also made the Trouser Flaps as a separate piece for ease of wear--having remade this costume for myself, the separate piece flap was a good idea.

Sidenote:  This costume was made and the buyer reneged so now I have it in my possession.  If anyone is interested in purchasing it, let me know.  The costume is actually unisex so it could be worn for any FMA character.  The size is pretty short and boxy, but it could be altered.  Also, some of the features could b…

Fullmetal Alchemist: Maes Hughes

Maes Hughes
Completed Sept. 2010

Items Made: Jacket, Pants, Peplum.

I LOVE the way this turned out!!! I used the same navy gabardine I used for the earlier version of Riza. I just love the darker color and it comes out great in pictures -- not to bright, not to dark. I also used a silvery-gray upholstery piping for the trim.

The peplum (or at least that's what I call the pant flap thing) is made as a separate piece. Lots of little details. Hand knotted shoulder cord, authentic replica collar medals and shoulder insignias. I added breast pockets on the jacket which come in super handy.

Awards: Runner Up, All-Con Dallas Cosplay Contest 2011

Fullmetal Alchemist: Lust

Fullmetal Alchemist Lust Completed Sept. 2010

Items Made: Dress
This costume was awesome to make. We kind of deviated from the actual design in that we made the dress floor length with a slight train and there's a thigh high slit up the front of the leg (sexy).

The dress itself is made from hunter green satin with a black chiffon overlay so the dress looks black with a green tint. Because if you look at a lot of the anime pics, the highlights are done with dark green.

The gloves were store bought and the detail was burgundy cording hand sewn onto the gloves.  The tattoo purchased from an online vendor.
If you want to see better pics, CLICK HERE.  One of the photographers nabbed some cool shots.  But they're his property so I won't post them here.

Fable: Guild Apprentice

Fable Guild Apprentice
In Progress -- This costume was never finished originally, however I have since added elements to it, but it's still not complete.
Items Made: Hooded Cloak, Gloves, Scarf, Trousers.
The cloak is made of hopsack linen. The sleeves were tea stained for contrast. The gloves/handwraps and scarf are made from a heavy, textured upholstery. I later embroidered runes over the blue detail with embroidery floss. I also did a slight bit of distressing that you may be able to see in the newest pics.

Someday, I might finish this costume.... maybe for renfaire next year.

Update: Recently I had an event at work which I needed a costume fitting for John Flanagan's "Ranger's Apprentice" series. I pulled this out of storage, and added some boots and a pair of trousers I wear for renfaire and now it looks like it's done... even though it isn't. (Ignore my name tag in these! Haha!)

The Chicken Opera: The Chickens

The Chicken Opera Rose, Birdetta, Farmyard Chicken
Completed March 2012
Items made: Dresses, Bloomers.

(I did not design these amazing makeups -- I wish I had -- but I included them anyway because they're the final element that finish the look.)
 If you've been reading my blog, you'd know that I made several of the costumes for my college's original production, The Chicken Opera.  
I ended up making 5 chicken costumes, but since Rose (the lead) was dual cast, I had to make 2 costumes for each of the girls playing her.  1 Rose costume and 1 not Rose costume.  Plus a costume for Birdetta.  So... 5 costumes.  Luckily, the design we came up with was the same for all of the girls, just different fabrics. 
Each one started with a giant pair of bloomers to which we sewed lots of ruffles on the bum to form a kind of mini-bustle. 
Then I actually used a pattern I had in my library for the dresses.  Well, it's actually just a long blouse pattern.  But it had a nice v-neckline an…