Chaff: Not


 Completed May 2011 

Items made (well, distressed):  Coat, Shirt, Jeans

This was an outfit I put together for a student film. The character is a homeless man so I took old bits of clothing and grunged them up using a mix of coffee, tea, and acrylic paint. I also sanded the edges of the coat to make it look worn. The jeans were actually pretty beat up already, I just added the paint.  I mixed acrylic paint with fabric medium and water and used a spray bottle as well as smeared paint on with my hands and brushes... I kept the colors "natural".  Kelly green for grass stains, brown for... whatever, other shades of green, black, etc.

The wig was an old Halloween wig that was actually a decent quality but wasn't very well taken care of so...  I chopped it up and grossed it up with gel and pomade.  I also blasted it with a hair dryer on hot and frizzed it up.   

My hair was red with blonde chunky highlights at the time and the camera guy had no idea it was a wig.... not sure if that's a compliment.



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