Fullmetal Alchemist: Riza Hawkeye

Riza Hawkeye
Created November 2007

Items Made: Jacket, Trousers, Belt/Peplum.

This was my first attempt at an FMA uniform and it was a great costume to make. See my second attempt here. (Maes Hughes) The hardest part was ALL the trims and details. The trim had to be placed and then sewn down before the garment pieces were sewn together in order to hide the stitches.  For fabric I used a nice gabardine fabric in navy. The fabric has a slight stretch which isn't necessary, but makes it much more comfy.  I also made the Trouser Flaps as a separate piece for ease of wear--having remade this costume for myself, the separate piece flap was a good idea.

Sidenote:  This costume was made and the buyer reneged so now I have it in my possession.  If anyone is interested in purchasing it, let me know.  The costume is actually unisex so it could be worn for any FMA character.  The size is pretty short and boxy, but it could be altered.  Also, some of the features could be changed to mirror Hughes' costume.


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