Kingdom Hearts 2: Roxas

Completed Oct. 2010

Items Made: Jacket

This jacket started with a hoodie pattern from Burda that I found and have used several times now.  I went with a simple twill microsuede for the fabric.  Kingdom Hearts costumes are all about detail, so I threw every trick I had into this one.  
There's piping running around the jacket under the black checker pattern that was screen printed--kinda--around the upper bodice.  Actually, to get the pattern on there I tried to embroider it but I couldn't get the pattern to run properly, so instead I ended up taping off the design with masking tape and brushing the paint on with a brush. Each row of squares had to be done individually.  It was a pain, but it turned out awesome--don't ask how many failed attempts there were due to impatience and smudged paint. 

The sleeves are lined with plain black cotton so the black band from the reference pic could be achieved by just rolling up the sleeve forming a fun cuff detail.

The collar and the facings were done in red cotton and though you can't see it, there's a black top-stitching detail around the inner collar.


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