Fable: Guild Apprentice

Guild Apprentice

In Progress -- This costume was never finished originally,
however I have since added elements to it, but it's still not complete.

Items Made: Hooded Cloak, Gloves, Scarf, Trousers.

The cloak is made of hopsack linen. The sleeves were tea stained for contrast. The gloves/handwraps and scarf are made from a heavy, textured upholstery. I later embroidered runes over the blue detail with embroidery floss. I also did a slight bit of distressing that you may be able to see in the newest pics.

Someday, I might finish this costume.... maybe for renfaire next year.

Update: Recently I had an event at work which I needed a costume fitting for John Flanagan's "Ranger's Apprentice" series. I pulled this out of storage, and added some boots and a pair of trousers I wear for renfaire and now it looks like it's done... even though it isn't. (Ignore my name tag in these! Haha!)


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