The Chicken Opera: The Chickens

The Chicken Opera
Rose, Birdetta, Farmyard Chicken
Completed March 2012

Items made: Dresses, Bloomers.

(I did not design these amazing makeups -- I wish I had -- but I included them anyway because they're the final element that finish the look.)

 If you've been reading my blog, you'd know that I made several of the costumes for my college's original production, The Chicken Opera.  

I ended up making 5 chicken costumes, but since Rose (the lead) was dual cast, I had to make 2 costumes for each of the girls playing her.  1 Rose costume and 1 not Rose costume.  Plus a costume for Birdetta.  So... 5 costumes.  Luckily, the design we came up with was the same for all of the girls, just different fabrics. 

Each one started with a giant pair of bloomers to which we sewed lots of ruffles on the bum to form a kind of mini-bustle. 

Then I actually used a pattern I had in my library for the dresses.  Well, it's actually just a long blouse pattern.  But it had a nice v-neckline and an empire waist and the lower part of the bodice is made of panels that flutter out.  Since there were several body types to dress, this design was actually flattering on all of the ladies.  The sleeve was a mutton sleeve (like a chicken leg) which was perfect.  I added some half circles of fabric down the sleeve and side seams for "wings".  Then the neckline and the hems and sleeve cuffs were trimmed with feather boa and maribou.  They all came out really cute.

For reference:  Rose is in white, Birdetta is in yellow, and the other Chicken is in brown.



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