Friday Favorites: X-men cosplay

I've decided to change my original idea a little... originally I was going to pic one costume or cosplay and critique it.... Well that proved way too difficult so instead I'm just going to grab several various pics... themed of course, and run with that... I'll try to make a few comments on each so you can maybe see it how I see it.

So today's cosplay theme will be X-men.  Why? Because X-men are awesome!!

Here's a really good example of Colossus showing the power of makeup and simple cosplaying.  This guy isn't that muscular... don't get me wrong, he's not scrawny, but with makeup and using highlight and shadow he's given himself the illusion of a much more muscular physique.  The rest of his costume is just a pair of cargo pants and an X-men belt buckle... a buckle of which I need to find one for my very own.  I really would have like to seen one of Colossus' more recognizable costumes though... But that's okay.  You don't see a lot of of the male X-men... besides Gambit and Wolverine... and Colossus is my favorite!!!

Here's another easy clothing cosplay.  This is Beast. His costume is just a suit and a lab jacket.  I'm assuming the flash is making his blue makeup much brighter than it actually is. You can tell he did a little contouring/shaping on his face with the makeup instead of using prosthetics.  Although there may be some on his ears.  There's probably a few more things he could have done... maybe a wig, a little more detail in the makeup, possibly some acrylic fingernails for claws.. but you don't see many Beast costumes so anyone who attempts such a complicated character gets points in my book.

This Jubilee is just adorable.  I love it.  I love her posing (which is super important in cosplay photos) I love the bubble gum "prop".  The makeup is great.  And again, here's another cosplay that wouldn't be too difficult.  Some jean shorts, a pink tank top and a big yellow jacket.  

I also like the yellow she used... it isn't overly bright so it doesn't compete with the neon pink top.

Let me tell you what I love about this Jean Grey.  The mix of fabrics. I like the metallic blue accents with the matte yellow body suit.  But then she used some of the yellow vinyl on the gloves and the hips so the boots tie into the rest of the costume.  The costume itself is just really well done.  The proportions are great and the "armored" bits don't look clunky or out of place. 

LOVE the hair and makeup on this one.  The wig is awesome and those crazy 80's/90's hairstyles are hard to pull off even with wigs.  The makeup not only looks great on her but it fits with the character as well.  And if I'm not mistaken it's pretty accurate to the comics/cartoon. The costume is really cute too, though the center seam line down the front is kind of strange... I would have tried to avoid that... also the jacket could have been done in leather, maybe?  But those are just nit picky things... the whole costume as is is amazing.

I'm not sure how much of this Gambit was made and how much of it was just pieces put together but I love it.  I wish I could have found a lesser photoshopped version of it. 

Never forget the power of props and details.  This is an amazingly done costume.  I think that's her real hair and I LOVE her Lockheed.  It'd be really cool if it could move like those dragons you get a renfaire.

Sometimes a simple costume is just pulled of by attitude.  I really dig this Mystique. I also like the use of the bodysuit to avoid having to paint yourself blue everytime you wear this costume.

An adorable Pixie.

I believe I read that this guy half made half altered store bought things for this Gambit... but it is awesome.

There are TONS of X-men cosplay photos out there... Mostly Jean/Phoenix, Rogue, Psylocke, and Emma Frost.  But I'm really trying to avoid half-naked girl costumes because most of them are essentially a bikini and a wig... not really much to critique or talk about.  

If there's any theme you want me to cover or if anyone knows of some great cosplay gallery sites... let me know!!!  Hope you guys enjoyed this new Friday Favorites!!! 

See ya next time!!!



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