Monday Minute: Kandee Johnson

Hello again everyone!!!

So, in keeping with my new more schedule releases of blog posts, I've decided that Mondays will become Monday Minutes.  Each Monday I will feature a website or YouTube Channel or Blog... or even something simple like an organizational tip or a quickie tutorial.  
For today's Monday Minute I'd like to introduce you to Kandee Johnson.  Kandee is a makeup artist/youtube beauty blogger guru and she is beyond awesome.  

Have you ever wanted the look of perfect skin for your photoshoots?

Maybe you'd like to recreate the Queen of Hearts from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland?

Regardless of what you're looking for, Kandee offers so many awesome tutorials.  She covers just about everything from basic makeup techniques, costume looks, product reviews and general silliness.  The only small downside is that a lot of the products she uses are more high-end/professional grade makeups, which can get expensive if you're trying to re-create her looks using the exact same products... but in some of her videos she will tell you a couple of different brands which will give you different price options.

She also has a blog here on blogger:

I've been a Kandee fan for over 2 years now and I've learned so much just from watching her videos.  Her drug-store brand prom looks video is one of my favorites and the basis for my Sailor Uranus makeup.  

I highly recommend her to everyone looking for makeup know-how.

Check her out sometime and check ME out on Wednesday for the new Wednesday Featured spot.

Till next Time!



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