Friday Favorites: Maes Hughes

Hello All!!!!

So, I've decided that I WILL, in fact, start doing more of a scheduled posting thing... 

SO! Henceforth, Friday will become FRIDAY FAVORITES!!!  Each week I will pick a cosplay or a costume and review it... what I like, what I don't like, what I would do differently.... all of that... It isn't meant to be mean or hurtful.  I do NOT wish to bash anyone's work or criticize it... I just want to objectively critique other costumes and point out what makes them good or not good... 

And to start, I will start with one of my own costumes.  After all, how can I possibly critique other people's work if I can't critique my own.

So I'm going to choose Maes Hughes from FullMetal Alchemist.  Actually, this uniform applies to ANY of the FMA characters.

First a few pics.

 I've actually made these uniforms twice.  The top two pics are the first attempt and the bottom two were a later attempt... and a better one, in my opinion.

So let's start with the first one.  First off, I love the fabric.. and it's actually the same fabric in both pics... it's amazing what a difference different lighting will make.  It's comfortable and as you can see even though it's navy fabric it shows up as a really nice blue in flash photos... but not super technicolor electric blue like some of the pre-made costumes from over seas do. 

And that's pretty much all I love with the first attempt... The jackets both used the same pattern and the trousers also were the same pattern.  But I really didn't like the silver metallic trim on the first jacket and I totally botched the epaulettes -- they signify no rank even though they were have supposed to... by the way this was a commissioned piece and the buyer backed out... I also really don't like the pant flap thing because honestly, I drafted it wrong. And lastly some of the details just weren't there. 

Now let's look at my later attempt... this one came out much better... I still love the color.  The details are accurate...ish... the shoulder braid was actually tied in a cobra weave where in the source material it appears to be braided traditionally... I liked the cobra weave better. And the epaulettes were the right rank and the collar pins were the official replica pins I snagged on ebay.

The jacket came out nice but if I ever remake it I would change a few things... first the collar should still meet at center front.  My sleeves came out too short so to hide this, I made the cuffs bigger which looks... odd.  The piping makes the jacket a lot more technically advanced but the trade off is that you can't get sharp corners which I wish it had because I DO like that about the first jacket... I added breast pockets to the front of the jacket which come in super handy... but for some reason the jacket bunches funny below the lapel... 

The pant flaps in this second are way better too.  This time I gave them a slight a-line flare and I interfaced the hell of them.  They're still they're own separate piece but they look much better.  And I used vinyl for the belt instead of nylon strapping.  

Hair and makeup for Hughes has changed slightly over the time I've worn him.  I usually use my hair which works fine when it's shorter, but in the right picture it's long and looks kind of dumb... I couldn't get it to spike like I can when it's short.  I also used to wear my actual glasses because I'm a firm believer in making what you have work for you.  But I later bought golden-brown circle lenses and set of frames that looked more Hughesy.  

It's pretty much time to retire ol' Hughesy because he's been touring the con circuit for the past 3 years and he needs a break... I love him though so I know he'll have a comeback someday.  

If he does, I'll probably rework the jacket -- new sleeves and cuffs and a new collar.  I'll also probably grab a wig for him as well... in the anime, his hair is painted black but the highlights are done in green... so I'd maybe do a dark green/black wig... that way Hughes hair would always be ready to go regardless of what length or color my real hair is.. 

 Tune in next week, where I'll actually look at a costume not made by me!!!

Hope your Friday is Fantastic!!!  



  1. Is There Any Way I Could Commission You To Make This ? Yours Is The Best I've seen


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