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Circle Lenses!

Today I got a new pair of circle lenses in the mail and FINALLY recorded the circle lens video that I've been meaning to do for, like, a year now. 

Hope you like it!!!

Shop & Tell August 2013

I went out shopping the other day to buy some stuff for Crona.  

These are my finds. 

 Stay tuned for the post that show what becomes of all these things!!!!

*mad scientist laugh*

Crona Wig Completed.

This is the first wig that I've cut and styled and am totally 100% happy with....

It helps that Crona's hair is really unkempt and uneven... so my cutting job didn't have to be perfect.  But still, I REALLY like how this turned out. 

I started with the Aphrodite wig in Dark Pink from Epic Cosplay... I also bought a pack of 15" extensions in the same color, Dark Pink.

This wig was pretty much perfect.  All I really had to do was cut in the bangs/fringe and then sew in the long locks in the back using the extensions.  

And here's finished pics... There will be some hairspray and stuff added when it's actual convention time...  also, these'll probably look better when I'm less beardy.  

Work Vlog: Jack Skellington Mask Session 1 and Updates

In keeping with my Prop Making adventures.. Here's Jack's mask.

So I started with a Pepakura model for Jack Skellington which I had to enlarge to fit over my noggin. 

Here's video with annotations on putting together the paper model.

Then when I all done, it looked like this.

 Then several weeks later, I coated the outside with resin for sturdiness.  However the saturation of the cardstock caused the model to warp and the heat from the resin curing melted the hotglue in a few places, so that'll have to corrected before I can move on.  But here's pics.

 You can see, Jack's a little more egg-shaped now, but I SHOULD be able to correct that.  

Lastly, here's a few pics with the eyes and mouth partially opened up.  The mask might be a TAD large, but I eventually want to work up to Jack on stilts with arm extensions so the mask will be good then.  I'll basically have visibility through the mouth.  And maybe I can put fans in the eyes.... we'll see.

RTX 2013

So back in 2012, a couple of friends of mine attended RTX in Austin, TX and basically told me I HAD to go.  Fast forward to 2013 it's a couple weeks before RTX and I ask a friend of mine if she wants to go.  She's a writer for Crunchyroll and pulled some strings to score us press passes.  SWEET. 

It was an awesome con.  It's mostly gaming.  Rooster Teeth is a website/company most known for it's Red vs. Blue series.... and let me just say, they host an amazing con--especially for a con that's only in its third year.  Everything was organized and well-planned and I had a great time... I'm pretty sure the press pass helped...

Also... these....

If you're legal, you can buy these in the dealer room.

But what was really awesome was the premiere of RWBY (pronounced 'Ruby').   It's only in it's 5th episode, but it's already shaping up to be a good series.  One thing the guys at Rooster Teeth are getting good at is blending kick ass action with stor…

A promise to catch up...

So I've just looked at my last entry here and it was back in June... I am SO SORRY!!!! I've been such a horrible blogger.  But hopefully you've been following my Facebook or my YouTube channel and have seen some of my more recent activity.

So here's a bullet point list of some of the things that have happened since I've last posted.  And I promise to expand on some of these in short time...these are in no particular order... for now, progress pics can be found on my Facebook page and videos can be found on my YouTube channel.

In the past 2 months I...
Went to RTX in Austin.  Saw the premiere of the RWBY.  Which you should be checking on on  RWBY is a new anime series and one of, if not, the first American made animes ever. Posted a workvlog video of a new mask for Jack.  The video is on my YouTube Channel.Got a wig for Crona and cut and styled it.Made serious progress on Crona and hope to finish it in the next few days aka before A-Fest.Made a Sho…