Work Vlog: Jack Skellington Mask Session 1 and Updates

In keeping with my Prop Making adventures.. Here's Jack's mask.

So I started with a Pepakura model for Jack Skellington which I had to enlarge to fit over my noggin. 

Here's video with annotations on putting together the paper model.

Then when I all done, it looked like this.

 Then several weeks later, I coated the outside with resin for sturdiness.  However the saturation of the cardstock caused the model to warp and the heat from the resin curing melted the hotglue in a few places, so that'll have to corrected before I can move on.  But here's pics.

 You can see, Jack's a little more egg-shaped now, but I SHOULD be able to correct that.  

Lastly, here's a few pics with the eyes and mouth partially opened up.  The mask might be a TAD large, but I eventually want to work up to Jack on stilts with arm extensions so the mask will be good then.  I'll basically have visibility through the mouth.  And maybe I can put fans in the eyes.... we'll see.


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