RTX 2013

Weiss from RWBY

So back in 2012, a couple of friends of mine attended RTX in Austin, TX and basically told me I HAD to go.  Fast forward to 2013 it's a couple weeks before RTX and I ask a friend of mine if she wants to go.  She's a writer for Crunchyroll and pulled some strings to score us press passes.  SWEET. 

It was an awesome con.  It's mostly gaming.  Rooster Teeth is a website/company most known for it's Red vs. Blue series.... and let me just say, they host an amazing con--especially for a con that's only in its third year.  Everything was organized and well-planned and I had a great time... I'm pretty sure the press pass helped...

Also... these....

If you're legal, you can buy these in the dealer room.

But what was really awesome was the premiere of RWBY (pronounced 'Ruby').   It's only in it's 5th episode, but it's already shaping up to be a good series.  One thing the guys at Rooster Teeth are getting good at is blending kick ass action with story. 

You can check out the series at...


But what's even more awesome than that is at the time, the only thing out there were a few trailers for series and already there were at least a dozen or so cosplayers in RWBY cosplays.  I didn't get pictures of all of them because if you know me, you know I'm too easily distracted at cons to take pics.... seriously I need a con photographer/videographer... I just think it's amazing when people make amazing cosplays for things that aren't even out yet.  I think would be too OCD because I'd give up if I couldn't find enough reference pics... lol. 

Anyway, here's a couple more pics I snagged... I wish I had taken more. 


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