Crona Wig Completed.

This is the first wig that I've cut and styled and am totally 100% happy with....

It helps that Crona's hair is really unkempt and uneven... so my cutting job didn't have to be perfect.  But still, I REALLY like how this turned out. 

I started with the Aphrodite wig in Dark Pink from Epic Cosplay... I also bought a pack of 15" extensions in the same color, Dark Pink.

Click the pic to go to Epic Cosplay
This wig was pretty much perfect.  All I really had to do was cut in the bangs/fringe and then sew in the long locks in the back using the extensions.  

And here's finished pics... There will be some hairspray and stuff added when it's actual convention time...  also, these'll probably look better when I'm less beardy.  


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