A promise to catch up...

So I've just looked at my last entry here and it was back in June... I am SO SORRY!!!! I've been such a horrible blogger.  But hopefully you've been following my Facebook or my YouTube channel and have seen some of my more recent activity.

So here's a bullet point list of some of the things that have happened since I've last posted.  And I promise to expand on some of these in short time...these are in no particular order... for now, progress pics can be found on my Facebook page and videos can be found on my YouTube channel.

In the past 2 months I...
  • Went to RTX in Austin.  Saw the premiere of the RWBY.  Which you should be checking on on roosterteeth.com.  RWBY is a new anime series and one of, if not, the first American made animes ever. 
  • Posted a workvlog video of a new mask for Jack.  The video is on my YouTube Channel.
  • Got a wig for Crona and cut and styled it.
  • Made serious progress on Crona and hope to finish it in the next few days aka before A-Fest.
  • Made a Shop & Tell video showing some cool stuff I bought for Crona's costume.
  • Made a new video about Circle Lenses which is also posted on YouTube.
  • Went to GeekFest 2014, hosted some panels and judged some really cool costumes.
UPDATE:  I just wrote posts for some of these.  There will be a new post everyday for the next several days!!!


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