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Can't sleep so here's lots of stuff...

Well I've got projects.
First, I've been hired by my school's theater department to make a couple of costumes for them.  So those are priority one.
Second, I have to make a couple of scarves for a coworker.... but since I have a knitting machine, that won't be too complicated.
Third... and this is what I really wanna talk about... 
I've decided that my next cosplay is gonna be Prince Diamond from Sailor Moon.  And I'm gonna go all out.  
 So here's a reference pic of Prince Diamond... I LOVE purple so this costume makes that awesome!!!
OH! Before I forget, let me tell you why I've decided to move with this project... better yet, let me show you.

I saw a pair of earrings very similar to this on etsy... and the maker wasn't charging anything ridiculous, but i didn't have the funds for them... But I mentioned them to my good friend Shanna (check her out here) and she said she could make me a pair... and here they are.  They're Swarovsky crystal, too, …

AnimeFest 2012


So i just realized that I made a top 5 favorite moments for All-con, so I definitely should do that for AnimeFest.  So let's get started.

AnimeFest was my first convention ever and this year was my 3rd year of attendance.  Now, I must mention that this year's A-Fest took place in a new hotel.  Actually this hotel is the former home of A-kon--which is the longest running con in Texas.  And I have to admit that I was extremely worried that the change of venue would result in convention calamity, but actually, it wasn't anything like that.  The hotel was ready for it and while there was some line waiting going on, it wasn't at all unbearable.

There were also some problems with things starting on time and some technical difficulties with registration and such... but I've recently found out that nearly half of the volunteers didn't show, so the convention was short staffed like whoa.  So I'm going to let that slide.

With such a large venue, the con was re…