Can't sleep so here's lots of stuff...

Well I've got projects.

First, I've been hired by my school's theater department to make a couple of costumes for them.  So those are priority one.

Second, I have to make a couple of scarves for a coworker.... but since I have a knitting machine, that won't be too complicated.

Third... and this is what I really wanna talk about... 

I've decided that my next cosplay is gonna be Prince Diamond from Sailor Moon.  And I'm gonna go all out.  

 So here's a reference pic of Prince Diamond... I LOVE purple so this costume makes that awesome!!!

OH! Before I forget, let me tell you why I've decided to move with this project... better yet, let me show you.

I saw a pair of earrings very similar to this on etsy... and the maker wasn't charging anything ridiculous, but i didn't have the funds for them... But I mentioned them to my good friend Shanna (check her out here) and she said she could make me a pair... and here they are.  They're Swarovsky crystal, too, which I love!!!

So... then I started looking at fabrics... and I saw this beautiful brocade online that I want to use... or at least something REALLY similar...

 Then I was thinking that for the scrollwork on his jacket, I wanted to embroider/bead those... and possibly some of the design in the brocade... like I said, I wanna go all out on this one.  And while I'm at it, I may as well fancify the scroll work too... so I looked around online and came across this design...

This is kind of sloppy because I was tracing the design in photoshop without using my tablet... but anyway... then I got photoshop happy and made this little collage to see what it'd all look like together...


And I have to say... I'm loving it!!!  Well then, or more like just a few hours ago, I was looking for jacket patterns... and I haven't been able to find what I'm looking for, but I remembered that a few days ago when I was looking at fabric I came across a men's Indian clothing site... and I remember seeing the long beaded, embroidered coats... which I know now are called shewarmi.  Yay! Learning!!!  And I thought, why not let that influence my design more and go ahead and make the coat longer...

 You see in the right hand pic (which is mouthwateringly beautiful) stops about 6 inches above the knee... so I'm thinking I'd go to that length... The one on the left goes to the top of the calf, but I like the details so I'll look at more of these when planning additional detail on my jacket.  

So, yeah, that's kind of where I am with this... What do you think? Like it? Love it? Hate it?

One thing I've always done with my cosplay costumes is put my own spin and signature on it... I've always wanted to make every cosplay look like it could exist in this world... 

Also, if I were designing the other Black Moon characters, I would carry over the Indian influence... can you imagine?  Think of Black/Wicked Lady's costume with an Indian twists to it!  It could be AMAZING!!!

So, yeah... now I might be tired enough to sleep a bit...

Sweet dreams and shewarmi



  1. Charging $28 for a pair of earrings that only cost $3 to make and took 5 minutes to put together is a bit ridiculous.

    I can't wait to see this put together! I like the look of using Indian menswear as the silhouette. It really works for Prince Diamond! His forehead moon could be a rhinestone bindhi, too! That would be awesome.

  2. I totally thought of doing the moon as a bindhi!!! Although now I'm thinking of axing the cape... I see a lot of the models draped with long silk scarves... so maybe I might do that instead... not sure yet.


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