AnimeFest 2012


So i just realized that I made a top 5 favorite moments for All-con, so I definitely should do that for AnimeFest.  So let's get started.

AnimeFest was my first convention ever and this year was my 3rd year of attendance.  Now, I must mention that this year's A-Fest took place in a new hotel.  Actually this hotel is the former home of A-kon--which is the longest running con in Texas.  And I have to admit that I was extremely worried that the change of venue would result in convention calamity, but actually, it wasn't anything like that.  The hotel was ready for it and while there was some line waiting going on, it wasn't at all unbearable.

There were also some problems with things starting on time and some technical difficulties with registration and such... but I've recently found out that nearly half of the volunteers didn't show, so the convention was short staffed like whoa.  So I'm going to let that slide.

With such a large venue, the con was really spread out so even though there were more people than last year, it didn't feel at all like that.  I actually have a problem with big crowds in small spaces and I kinda start to freak after few minutes.

Anyway, my FAVORITE part of this years con was...

Not only was the hotel playing host to Afest... but there was also a family reunion and a wedding reception!  Personally, if it were MY wedding, I wouldn't have a problem with it... but I'm pretty sure that wedding coordinator will never work again... as for the family reunion... some of them were amused... some weren't... ahh welll... that's how it goes I guess.

On the downside to that, there was also a large group of football fans staying in the hotel and having to hear their assy comments got to be bother.  I mean, these people drove across 6 states to watch a group of grown men play with balls for 3 hours... and they thing WE'RE the weird ones?

But other than that, good times were had... yeah, there were a lot of snags--did I mention the elevators breaking down when we were unloading our luggage?

But despite that.  I had a good time.  I'm very glad I didn't host a panel.  But maybe I will next year.  I got to hang out with friends.  I saw a lot of really amazing costumes that I didn't take pictures of. 

I entered the Sailors in the hall cosplay contest, but I didn't win... sadly, sailors aren't show stopper costumes despite their difficulty in execution.

Oh! And Michelle got a new wig for Sally!!!  As always, Jack and Sally were rockstars.  It was actually kind of funny cause a couple of friends who were walking with is didn't really believe how long it takes to get anywhere in these costumes.... now they know.  It's literally walk 10 feet. Stop and pose for 2 minutes.  Walk another 10 feet.  Stop and pose... But we love it.

My other favorite moment from this year was the little kids (and I mean like 4 and 5 little) who loved Jack and Sally.  One little girl -- who wore a Sally shirt -- told Michelle that she was her favorite and "I have your movie at home".  Then there was another little girl who ran up to me and when I knelt down to shake her hand, she gave me the biggest hug.  It was SO adorable.  If I could work in the Disney Parks in not 100 degree heat.... I would totally do it.  

Also, Jack posed with some Power Rangers...

Till next time...



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