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A Midsummer Night's Dream: Fairy Wings

A Midsummer Night's Dream Fairy Wings
Completed November 2014
Items Made: Two Large and Seven Regular Pairs of Wings

I was asked by the costume designer at McLennan Community College if I could make 9 pairs of fairy wings for their production of A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare.  
I had never made wings before, but I said yes.  They came out AMAZING and now I'm a wing making master!  lol!
We needed wings for Oberon and Titania and the four named fairies in the play, plus they added 3 more because reasons?   My only parameters given by the designer were that she wanted them to be insect like... not high fantasy... and that she wanted Oberon's to be up and Titania's to be down.  

This was my design for the fairy court.  I believe these were based on bee wings.  I thought bees were also fitting as the fairies flit about caring for the queen.

For Titania, I used cicada wings as inspiration.  I thought at first butterfly, but in end, these were perfect.  It look…

Alice in Wonderland: The Red Queen

Alice in Wonderland The Red Queen Completed April 2014

Items Made: Skirt, Bodice, Collar

This was made for a local college's production of Alice in Wonderland... The Opera. I like this costume in theory more than I like it in actuality.  I made this over 3 years ago... but I remember being really pressed for time and there are things I like about it and things I don't.  
I was working on this after my real job and wasn't able to fit the bodice on the actress so that's why it's ill-fitting.  Also the bodice was drafted off a flat front corset and the corset she was wearing wasn't.  And I think I had intended to do a heart outline on the front out the of the same ruffles as the skirt.  I think I ran out of time.  It's hard to do this so after so much time has passed. 

This was my original sketch,  I wanted more hearts and silhouettes of hearts.  (yes I drew it on a napkin at Starbucks.  
I love the skirt!  It was made as all one piece for ease of dressing.  Also it …

Spamalot: The Lady of the Lake

Spamalot The Lady of the Lake Completed February 2014

Items Made: Skirt, Bodice, Cape, Sleeves, Shells
So, I'm finally getting around to updating my blog and gallery.  Most of this process has been documented in other entries.  But here are a few shots of the final product.  In the end, we had to alter a few things. 

The square cut of the bodice made the actress look short and boxy, so we changed that into a deep "V" shape.  Also, as pretty as the skirt was, it didn't read much on stage so we added and overskirt of sheer gold organza for some extra sparkle.  

Sadly, sparkle and glitter never translate onto film that well.  You can see a little of it, but it looked so much more beautiful as the actress moved and swirled under the stage lights.