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Retro Sneakers

So!!! Last weekend I was on my way up to Dallas to meet up with some friends.  I was already on the road when they called and said they were gonna be delayed an hour... Fortunately, I was just outside of Hillsboro. So the outlet mall seemed like an ideal place to kill some time.  Well, sadly the outlet mall there isn't what it used to be.

But I did happen to be in the Nike outlet where I found these fantastic retro Nike sneakers and I bought them immediately.  I love the retro sneaker look, and I really like how they took a really fun color (something that is SERIOUSLY lacking in men's footwear) and used that color for this shoe.  This style is called Oceania and the color is Old Royal/White.  My pair also came with white laces, but since the blue laces are already in, I'll keep it like that.  They're part suede and part poly rayon something or another... i dunno how to describe it... and the white check is leather.

Now I know people may have concerns about wearing le…

Green Doublet Done!!!!

Here's a few pictures of my latest finished project!!!  Not much to say about this one other than it's a doublet in pretty green brocade.  It's pretty much per the pattern (Simplicity 4059) except that I changed the bottom of View A with the bottom altered to match View B.  Also if it looks kind of slouchy, remember that this is a men's garment and Gemmima (my mannequin) is a woman with narrow women's shoulders. Oh, there are like 2 dozen buttons on this doublet so be prepared to handsew.

It may be a little difficult to see without an undershirt but, the sleeves are slashed and they also detach for versatility.  

Sailor Senshi Tutorial Updated.

Yes.  I just spent a couple of hours revising Part 1 of my Sailor Senshi costume tutorial.  It now has pictures and stuff.  So... check that out if you wanna.... 

In other news.  I've been a lazy bum and I've done a whole lot of nothing...

Well.. I'm almost done with the green doublet.  And I've looked at fabric for Chrona... but the thing about plain black fabric is that there are DOZENS of black fabrics to choose from... so yeah.. maybe I'll go buy fabric tomorrow and that'll prompt me to sew more.

Laters and Laziness!