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All-Con Top 15 (or so) Favorite Costumes

Every convention I go to is always full of AMAZING costumes.

I mean, I consider myself an adept costumer but, man, some of these people floor me. So here are a few of my favorite costumes that I saw this past weekend.... and these aren't in any order...because I don't think I could choose a #1 favorite.

PS. some of these pictures are mine but some were borrowed from various places on the internet because I didn't have all the pictures I wanted for this blog.

Okay so the scary guy with the sword and the crazy mask... he won first prize at the Cosplay competition. His costume was awesome. (From Monster Hunter, I belive) And mad props for Ryu back there with his light up Hadouken power.

These ladies swept the costume competition and deservedly so. Original creations, that look very Everquest or Warcrafty, but not.

Okay, I love me some Disney Villains. And Cruella is no exception.

I love when costumes are approached in a new and clever way. This also shows that sexy can be …

Sailor Senshi Uniform Tutorial -- Part 1

Let's face it, Sailor Fukus (outfits) are HARD!!! So, I took notes when I made the two fukus pictured above.  Now I don't mean to brag, but I think these came out AMAZING!  So I'm going to share all of my secrets with you!!!

Bodysuit Basics:
The base pattern you'll need is going to be Kwik-Sew 3836.  I liked that this pattern has a lot of the ideal details that fukus have -- the underbust seamline, and the sewn in skirt with the attached trunks, etc.  I also used pieces from McCalls 6166.

I left mine open at the crotch and the dress goes on overhead and fastens at the crotch with hooks and snaps.  That way I didn't have to sneak any zippers in there.  

For fabric, I used a medium-heavy stretch satin that I found at Jo-ann Fabrics. And using a 40% off coupon I think I got it for around 6 or 7 bucks a yard.

The downside is that while the satin looks pretty, there isn’t that much of a stretch to it so the dress is difficult to get on and off.  If you use spandex yo…

All-Con 2012 Top 5 Moments

So last weekend I went to All-Con in Dallas. This was my second year at this particular convention and I really loved it last year. Now sometimes you run into the risk of a convention being awesome one year and being super lame the next year. But this was NOT the case at All-Con.

In fact, All-Con has become my favorite convention of the year! And I HIGHLY recommend that everyone check it out in 2013. It's a great con especially for first timers. There's something for everyone--whether you're into sci-fi, anime, steampunk, faire... if you're a gamer, an artisan, it doesn't matter, there's so many shenanigans to be had.

It's also a smaller convention so there's not the tendency to get overwhelmed by crowds and stuff to see. I've been to cons that were so large that I would see people I knew and tell them that I'd catch up with them later, only to never see them again the entire weekend.

All-con is not like that. There's lots of time to c…

Yay Spring Break!!!

(note... blogger is being a pain right now and not uploading images... so those will be added later)

So this past week I think my anatomy prof was trying to kill me because we had two exams. And since I "accidentally" missed my class the previous Thursday, I didn't get the heads up on the exam this past Thursday. So I found out about the exam on Thursday right before the exam on Tuesday...

Confused yet?

It's ok. I made an A on Tuesday's exam, and I feel really good about Thursday's.

Anyway. Now it's time for spring break.

But in costuming news, here's a rundown of what's going down.

I finished all of the chicken costumes for Turducken... besides the finishing steps like closures and such. I didn't have my camera on Thursday to take pictures, though. And we even did fittings. So I had the costumes on the girls and no camera... lame. But I'm sure there will be plenty of time for all that.

We have two weeks when we go back to finish every…

It's been awhile...

But I have been working on things... I just haven't had any really good progress pics to show ya.

Jack is STILL drying. This humidity is not helpful at all. However, he was dry enough to take off of the foil/foam head mold--which I did. Then I went on the inside and evened out the paperclay in there... filling in the shallow spots and scraping down the thick parts.

I attempted sanding some of the mask but it was really uneven, so today I went and applied a thin coat of paperclay to hopefully even out the surface a bit. When that dries I'll go back to sanding.

Does anyone know if you can put paperclay in the oven on a really low heat for a bit? I have GOT to get this mask dry.

I'm thinking this weekend, I'll film a how-to video on the whole process I've used so far.

In Turducken news. I've completed Chicken #1 down to the finishing. She just needs a zipper in the back and her boa sewn on. Here are a few shots.

This design uses McCall's pattern 6166. I'…