It's been awhile...

But I have been working on things... I just haven't had any really good progress pics to show ya.

Jack is STILL drying. This humidity is not helpful at all. However, he was dry enough to take off of the foil/foam head mold--which I did. Then I went on the inside and evened out the paperclay in there... filling in the shallow spots and scraping down the thick parts.

I attempted sanding some of the mask but it was really uneven, so today I went and applied a thin coat of paperclay to hopefully even out the surface a bit. When that dries I'll go back to sanding.

Does anyone know if you can put paperclay in the oven on a really low heat for a bit? I have GOT to get this mask dry.

I'm thinking this weekend, I'll film a how-to video on the whole process I've used so far.

In Turducken news. I've completed Chicken #1 down to the finishing. She just needs a zipper in the back and her boa sewn on. Here are a few shots.

This design uses McCall's pattern 6166. I've evened out the handkerchief hem and made the short sleeve a full length sleeve. For "wings" we're sewing half-circles of fabric down the side and sleeve seams.

It's made out of bridaly satin stuff that's from Jo-Ann because 90% of MCC's fabric comes from there.

The character is the lead soprano and she's your typical opera diva, hence the white and the feathers. I'm hoping to stone it as well.

I have to make another dress just like this for the understudy/alternate actress. Then 2 more "normal" chickens using the same design ideas. (PS. KC! Maybe we can get some marabou trim--like the not as fancy boa--for the normal chickens to trim the necklines.)

All of these little dresses will go over tights and oversized, ruffly, lacy, bloomers.

Who wants to see turkey pics???

So there are yards and yards and yards and yards of ruffles on this skirt. It looks fantastic... the downer is, they have to be sewn on by hand. Boo. But it's gonna be awesome.

Originally we thought to give her a big Vegas showgirl fan tail, but this gives the same idea and is pretty flipping cool.

The bodice pics are from last week but she does have her giant mutton sleeves sewn on now.

This opera is more or less the fun costume show this semester. The others were/will be shopped or pulled from stock. So this is the show we get to make stuff for.

Anyway. That's all for tonight. I'll take some updated pics of Jack tomorrow and post an update.

Ruffly yours,



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