Yay Spring Break!!!

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So this past week I think my anatomy prof was trying to kill me because we had two exams. And since I "accidentally" missed my class the previous Thursday, I didn't get the heads up on the exam this past Thursday. So I found out about the exam on Thursday right before the exam on Tuesday...

Confused yet?

It's ok. I made an A on Tuesday's exam, and I feel really good about Thursday's.

Anyway. Now it's time for spring break.

But in costuming news, here's a rundown of what's going down.

I finished all of the chicken costumes for Turducken... besides the finishing steps like closures and such. I didn't have my camera on Thursday to take pictures, though. And we even did fittings. So I had the costumes on the girls and no camera... lame. But I'm sure there will be plenty of time for all that.

We have two weeks when we go back to finish everything. And everything is pretty much done except for all the finishing.

Oh, I get to make a giant squirrel tail. Stay tuned for that. Lol!

Now that I have time for my own stuff. I've started working on things for All-con.

Sadly, there will be no new costumes to be debuted... well... the sailors will be new to All-con but not new.

And Jack's mask won't be done either. I COULD rush it and have it done, but it wouldn't be done well, so I'll just wait.

I do have a few new things for Jack though.

New shoes. Nice and platformy and tall.

A new shirt/body pad to make my ribcage look bigger and my waist smaller... This isn't totally necessary, but when the new mask is finished, it'll help because the new mask is bigger than the current mask and it'll help to balance the proportions.

I'm making it from camping foam because camping foam is awesome and cheap. I'm just going to cover it in white fabric and MAYBE make a new bat tie if there's time... if not then DEFINITELY for A-kon!

I'll probably need to let out the coat, but I'm going to wait until after All-con for that.

And I'm altering my current mask. I've cut out the eye pieces and I'm recovering the openings with 2 layers of chiffon. I can see out of it pretty well and it doesn't flash out.

Also, I'm hoping the larger openings will help the ventilation. lol!

Well that's it for now. I'm gonna grab some food and then work on stuff...

Wanna see my "to do" list.

Revise panel presentation
Make business cards
Sew Jack's pants back together
Finish his shirt
Finish his mask alterations
Sew the closures on the sailors
Make a sheath for my sword (so it's more con-friendly)
Choreograph a 1 and a half minute cosplay skit.

Also.... work.

Better get on it!



  1. I'm taking spring break to work on as many projects as I possibly can! I'm trying to see how many of these floating, unfinished projects I can clear off the in-progress rack. There's definitely some A-kon stuff in there, too. :D Can't wait to see your new and improved Jack!


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