Blogspot Blues....

So... lamesauce... I wanted to work on my gallery tonight to get it finished... So I'm rolling along and just creating the blank pages for the costumes I've done... well... sadly... you can only create 20 pages... so I can't fit all of my work on here as separate pages...

SO... now I have to create a new post for each costume and then link each post to the tutorials page.

In not so sad news... AFest is next weekend!!! So I'm excited by that!  Even though I don't have a new costume to debut... (on the plus side, I don't have to carry as much there!)  I'm thinking I'll only take Jack and Uranus....

I'm not sure if I'll take Hughes or not... I feel like it's time for ole' Hughesy to retire... I mean he's been to nearly EVERY con that I've been to and worn at ALL but one of them.  (He didn't make a showing at All-con last year) 

Of course, Jack has ALSO been to every con I've been to and worn at ALL of them, but Jack is different, I think.  Everyone loves Jack. 

Of course if I just make me some new costumes... then I would HAVE to retire some old stuff... or at least... give it a break and then wear it in a couple of years.  lol!


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