Sew it goes....

Ooooh.... Sparkles!

Hello there everyone!!  

So, what's new?  Well... first lets chat about the pic above... I bought these crystal paperweights today at Hobby Lobby.  I plan to somehow use these for what I'm assuming are broaches holding up Prince Diamond's cape.  These were normally 3.99 and I've been eyeballing them for a good while... I've even looked at the acrylic versions you can get for wedding tablescapes but those just weren't as pretty.

But today when I went in, these were 50% off so I bought them... On a side note it was hard to find 4 matching gems... the cuts in the crystals were different and also a lot of them were chipped... so finding 4 matching crystals that were all undamaged took like 30 minutes.  hahaha!

In other news, the Red Caps at school are coming along slowly... originally we decided to not line the capes... which saves money and meant less cutting... However it means more time spent finishing all the edges with rolled hems.  So, I've finished 2... the other 8 are in various stages of completion... 

And now I switch to Rant Mode.  

I've just spent the last 2 hours scouring the internet trying to find out how to make a sherwani... I mean, yeah, I could fake it, but I wanted to go for accuracy... So I'm looking at the little details... like seam lines and darts and are the sleeves 2 panels... and trying to find a back view of one is nearly impossible!!! 

I did find a vintage pattern from the 60's for a nehru jacket which is the 'modernized' sherwani.... but I'm not really feeling it... 

From what I can gather... Sherwani are are basically tunics that open center front... the back is all one piece -- no seams --  and there are side seams... which may split when you get towards the bottom... but that's optional... what I can't figure is should there be a back slit if there aren't side slits... and I THINK the sleeves are all one piece... but it's possible that some of them have 2 piece sleeves..  

That's the other tricky part of them... some are really traditional while others almost seem like tuxedo or suit jackets...    

Oh, well.. I'll figure it out... Since it's actually a fantasy costume... I can pretty much do whatever I want so who knows what I'll come up with.

I really like this one.




  1. The jacket is a hip-length jacket with a stand up collar and without lapels. Nehru Jacket


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