Hair and Makeup and other stuff.

So I've been hacking... I mean cutting on my wig for Prince Diamond... and it needs a little more work but it's starting to get there.

This is really only my second wig that I've done... My first was my original wig for Uranus... but I didn't really like how that turned out and have since replaced that one.

The key to wig cutting, I've learned, is cut little by little and try the wig on A WHOLE LOT.  Because even though I pin my wig to a male wig head, it still looks COMPLETELY different on me than it does on the mannequin.  

But I worked on it just a little more since I took those pics and now I'm really liking it.  

For those of you who are afraid to take on wigs... first off, read World of Wigcraft by Katie Bair.   It is AMAZING.  And once you get your mind to accept that there are very few mistakes that can't be fixed in wigcraft, you'll feel a lot more confident.  

Say, for instance, that you cut the wig to short... is the wig ruined?  Did you just waste $50?  No, you can snag some extra extensions or wig fiber and sew that into the wig to add the length back in.  

So don't be afraid of messing up because you won't get better at wigs until you start working with them. You can do it!  I have faith in you!!!

In other Prince Diamond news, I found the missing pattern pieces for the jacket so I can finish drafting my pattern.  Oh, and I'm STILL waiting on my fabric swatches.  Supposedly they were sent, but I never received them.  I'm guessing the got lost in the mail.  But I contacted the company and they're going to send me more.  SO, when I get those, maybe I can FINALLY order fabric... cause seriously, I need it soon.  I've got a TON of embroidery to get started on.

Oh, and going back to Sailor Uranus... I found this BEAUTIFUL makeup tutorial on L'Oreal's website.

This is SOOO pretty.  I'm going to try to recreate this look for Uranus.  I think the gold shadow will look really nice against the navy in the costume... Also the accent color in the costume is gold, so there's that tie-in.  

Diamonds and Gold Forever!!!



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