So... a month or so ago, I bought this pattern.... 

As you can see it's vintage.. therefore rare... and usually expensive.  At the time there were two sizes I could find for sale on the web... A boy's Large and a Men's Large... or maybe it was an extra large...  The Boy's large was only 15 bucks and the Men's was for 30 or 35 bucks... The boy's is also closer to my chest size... 

So foolishly, I bought the boy's pattern... thinking I could easily resize it to fit me.. Well that was dumb... because this is a huge pain... I just spent 3 hours working on the back panel and I can't get it to work... 

I don't know if I wanna scrap it and start over with a new idea/pattern... Maybe I'll go back to my original idea of using the priest robe and just cutting it off at the hip... 

I think I'll sleep on it... hahaha...

Moral of the story... sometimes costumes are evil and make you wanna cry.

Good night.



  1. You could just drape this pattern on a mannequin. It'd be a lot faster. I'm teaching Summer 1 at 10:15 every day. Just show up and I'll let you in the shop and you can do it there.

  2. Really? That'd be awesome! I don't have a boy mannequin.


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