Monday Minute: Pepakura

Hello Cosplayers!!!

Today I wanted to share a bit of info about the Pepakura Software.

First of all what is it?  

Well, Pepakura is a software that lets you take computer generated 3-D models and break them down into a 2-D format so you can print them out on cardstock and reassemble them.  If you google it, you can find some pretty amazing models out there and even tons more files you can use with the software to make models of your own.  Like this little guy.

The software is available at

And is free.  Well... The Pepakura Viewer software is free.  And it’ll allow you to open, view, and print Pepakura files.  However, you’ll be unable to alter them as the Viewer version of the software is pretty limited.

You can pay for the Pepakura Designer software, which WILL let you manipulate the files, but there’s a one time fee of $38.00 USD.  If you plan to do a lot of this, it’s probably worth it. 

 So, how do you use it?

Easy... Well... Kind of... You can find models already made on the internet... Then you just open them up and print them out on cardstock.  Then you cut out all of the pieces and there’s lots of little numbered tabs that you match up and glue together.  Once you’re done... You have a completed model. 

I’ll be posting a video/blog documenting my adventures in this soon.

How does this help me with COSTUMING?

There are a lot of files out there that people have made for armor, jewelry, props, helmets, masks, etc.  All of which can be altered to be used for costumes.  Seriously just look up Pepakura armor on YouTube.

Now go forth with this knowledge and Pepakura it up!!!!



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