Lady of the Lake WIP Pt. 2

So I've had another go round with the Lady of the Lake.  As you can see, possibly, in some of the photos, I've removed the sleeves and now we're gonna go with an opera length gauntlety thing.  I also reworked the wings/fin/cape whatever so now it's floor length starts at the neck.  To fix the uniformity that I didn't like with the previous cape thing, I made panels in different widths and staggered them in no particular pattern.  They also start narrow out narrow at the top and get wider at the bottom... I might have to add more panels on... I'm not sure... I guess it depends on if she has to raise both her arms over her head...  Right now the cape forms a full half-circle... 

All that's left is fitting the bodice, sewing down all the facings (which I don't wanna do until the bodice is fitted) and add make the sea shells for the bust.  Oh... and attach everything to everything that needs attaching...



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