The Beaux Stratagem: Lady Bountiful

The Beaux Stratagem
Lady Bountiful
Completed November 2013

Items Made: Bodice, Stomacher, Skirt, and Apron

The Beaux Stratagem is a restoration comedy written in 1707. The character, Lady Bountiful, is sort of a sadistic, mad-doctor type. But also wealthy.  Anyway, the designer wanted her to look like a big bruisey tumor.  So lots of purple and green.  To me, I think she's a little like any of Helena Bonham Carters recent characters.  

The skirt is a crushed purple taffeta, and the bodice a purple/green stripe moire with green hued batik cotton trimming the sleeves.  The stomacher is purple microsuede with green/gold brocade trim and rosettes made from the same fabric as the skirt.  The apron is a two tone green strip cotton.   

The coolest/most challenging part was drafting the bodice based on patterns from that era... which, when drafted, come out super tiny.  I know people were smaller back then, but these patterns kept as they are wouldn't fit ANYONE today... so having to refigure that was tough.  But in the end, I think I got it and this became one of my favorite costumes in the show.... and not just because I made it.


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