More Turducken pics.

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

Well, I finished drafting the duck's jacket last Tuesday. Which fit him perfectly. Which is awesome because I'm still not very confident in my drafting abilities. But I'm working on them and that's the important thing.

So, NOW, I get to do the fun part--making the actual jacket!

As I've mentioned before, the duck is supposed to be a mallard so his coat is green and I'm going to do the cuffs and collar in a really pretty blue. I'll also line the jacket in white, which sounds weird but I want that flash of white when he moves since if you've seen mallards, they have a bit of blue and white on their wings. So this coat will have white on its tails... which, surprisingly, the tails on the coat look a little duckish.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that you're probably wondering "What's up with all the progress pictures?" Well, it's not a bad idea to document your process. Whenever I'm working on something I take lots of pictures so I can remember what I did. You'd be surprised how quickly you forget--especially when you start making a new costume every few months.

So, take lots of pictures and if something is proving to be really difficult, make notes (and take step by step pics) of how you worked through it.

Sometimes it helps to make new instructions if a particular step of a pattern you bought is worded in a confusing way. (I annotate a LOT of my pattern instructions!!)

I'll leave you with some costume eye-candy.

Till next time...



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