Are you going to Scarborough Faire???

So yeah, Scarborough Faire is going on right now in Waxahachie, Texas and I finally go to go this past weekend.   And seeing as it's only the 3rd week, that's not so bad of a wait.

But I wanted to show off my renaissance garb.

The trousers are made from stretch corduroy which has such a small wale (size of the cords) that it actually makes them look almost velvety.

I used Simplicity 4059 for the pattern and the only change I think I made was lengthening the leg.

The doublet is made from some cool upholstery fabric I picked up super cheap at Hancock's YEARS ago when it closed down.  It's got a cool diamond/geometric pattern which isn't really period, but I don't care.... it looks cool.

I used the same Simplicity pattern for the doublet (View A) but cut off the peplum at about 3 inches.

I REALLY need to draft some of my own doublets because I've worn this to two faires and saw at least a dozen or so other men wearing this same pattern at each of them.

I've got a really pretty black and silver brocade that my next doublet will be made out of... whenever I get around to it.

I also have not made the sleeves for this, even though there are pattern pieces for it. But I live in Texas and the Faires here are outside and it's usually really hot so sleeves aren't that necessary.

Now the shirt pattern that comes with the Simplicity pattern isn't quite "right".  It isn't a bad pattern but it's not terribly Tudor-style.

So I used Butterick 3072 for a shirt base... and the only changes I made were adding ruffles to the cuffs and collar...

Here's a picture of the collar before I sewed it to the shirt.  I finished the exposed edge with a tiny overlock/scarf/rolled edge... and again, not totally period but I think it adds a really nice touch to it... I did the same thing on the cuffs...

The end result is something a little more Tudor style... and since both Scarborough and Texas Renaissance Festival are set during the rule of Henry VIII, I try to stay close to that era in clothing style.... mostly... :)

My boots are from Pay-less Shoes that I got last fall during boot season... I have pretty small feet for a guy (yes I'll admit that) so I can usually find women's shoes that will fit me.

Remember my number one rule of costuming.

Things don't always have to be used for what they are intended.

So, yeah.  Tall, black, micro-suede, women's boots.  (Hey, the boots I wear for Jack are also women's boots)

I'm also wearing my sword... which is awesome, but you can't see it in the picture.  It's a stage combat blade from Baltimore Knife and Sword because, yes, I sword fight.

BTW, I was working a new fight last week and I have to lunge a lot so my legs are STILL hurting from that.

So, yeah... that's all I got for now...  I'm not sure what project I'll start on next.  I might do some more renfaire clothing... I might work on Jack... I dunno.  Whatever it is, I have finals in 2 weeks so there won't be much sewing going on.

Till next time!!!



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