No pic postie

Good evening, Gentle Readers,

Just a quickie blog before nappy time.

I've made my first attempt into playing with resin and have one layer of fiberglass resin on the back side of Jack's mask. It's dried and I think it will be fine. But now I have to attempt the second layer. Then coat the outside... but step by step...

I'm also planning a new doublet and hopefully a new shirt and some trousers for Faire. I bought this beautiful black and silver brocade from Jo-ann's. So I'm gonna make that McCall's doublet pattern that I saw 30 guys at TRF wearing (myself included). But I'm going to add my own spin to it... so hopefully it won't look so... generic?

I really wish there were more good guys doublet patterns out there.... I guess it's time to start doing my homework and designing them myself.

Ah well.

And that's all the news I have for tonight.

Ridiculous Resin and Repetitive Renaissance,


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