A-Fest is in 3 months... I guess I should start planning.

Hello Everyone!

I know.... I haven't been very good about blogging the past several weeks.  But with work and faire and all that, I've been busy...

So this past weekend was A-kon.  And I didn't go because... well... I was kind of strapped on cash because I went to Dallas Comic Con a few weeks before that.

I had hoped to have all sorts of great pics from DCC to show you guys... but instead spent most of my time waiting in line for things.. Soooo... no costume pictures... sorry.

Anyway, I've been browsing though pictures of costume pics from A-kon from my friends who DID make it and then I realized that A-fest isn't far off so I should start plotting my next costume...

Here's a couple of ideas and thoughts... I'd love to see what everyone thinks and I'm open to other suggestions as well...

First up is Prince Diamond from Sailor Moon... I've always loved this costume and I think I could do it justice... I'm thinking the jacket would be in some pretty damask and the purple design done in Swarovski or sea beads.   This would be just a beautiful costume... elegant, regal, sparkly... and I love purple and white.


Jafar from Aladdin.  You know me and Disney villains.  I'm thinking some research into more period Persian fashion.  Give it a somewhat historical basis but embellish with the fantastical elements...  I'm also thinking of adding elements to make him more reptilian -- possibly in fabric choices -- in addition to adding more occult details... he IS a sorcerer after all.

Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe.  Yes, I've been revisiting old 80's cartoons lately.  Also, I have a crap ton of navy fabric and this isn't far from my FMA uni.  This would just be fun.  I wouldn't stray from the design because it's pretty much spot on. 

Chrona from Soul Eater.  I love Chrona... and you know me and androgynous characters.  This would probably be the easiest costume for me to make... But instead of doing this one so dressy/tunic-y, I'd make this more of a robe and carry the buttons all the way down to the bottom hem.  I'd also add in some structure and tailoring.... it'd still be form fitted, but not skin hugging as the drawings suggest.  To me it looks kind of preisty, puritan, nun-like... and I'd like to kind of roll with that.

So, yeah, those are my thoughts.

I have a couple of other bigger project costumes working in my head, but I'm not ready to start those just yet.

What do you think?  Comments? Suggestions? 


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