Sexy Cosplay done well

I was browsing through some cosplay pics on Deviantart and I came across this picture... These are the villains from the season 1 finale of Sailor Moon.  If you haven't seen it... all you need to know is that these five chicks and the five sailors took turns killing each other...

But that's not the point. 

The point is why I heart these coplays.  Aside from the creativity and the execution, you'll notice that the girls aren't body painted... rather they're wearing bodysuits.  I love how they used airbrushing on the fabric to enhance their bodies... even giving the illusion of cleavage without showing actual cleavage.... the two on the left look like they've painted in some musculature.  

And the actual "costumes" (the super skimpy bikinis) look like their either being worn over or sewn onto the body suits.

This is a really nice way to pull off a costume like this without being nearly naked.

So yeah.  I just like this alot.


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