Look!!! I still sew stuff!!!!

I know!  With work and faire season and swords and stuff.... I've been busy!!!  Oh and there were finals in there somewhere too!  (Which, for those who care, I made a 4.0 for the semester!!! And one of those classes was Anatomy & Physiology)

I've been working on a doublet for one of the men in my sword fighting group.

Check us out:  http://www.thehowlingblades.com/

It's made out of this really pretty green brocade and it's very lightweight which will be nice at faire.  I have the sleeves done for it, they're just not in this picture.  This is a hybrid of both views of Simplicity Patter 4059.  It's pretty much the top half of the long sleeved doublet and the bottom half of the sleeveless one.

I've also been planning upcoming costumes for A-Fest and such.

I'm still torn between Prince Diamond from Sailor Moon and Chrona from Soul eater.

Click below for details on the two.


Although I HAVE come up with an idea for the Ragnarok back puppet thing I'd make for Chrona.

And I've been looking into how to make the head move... that'd be tots awesome.

Oh! And I've been working on getting my gallery all updated and posted on this blog.  You can click on the "Gallery" tab just under the header... however be warned that not all of the pages for the costumes have been made yet.  But you can at least see the thumbnails... I've made a bunch of costumes in the past 2+ years I've been back home!!!

Well, I'm off!

Thumbnails and Schematics and lots of Pics in this post!



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