Ducks and Duchesses!!!

Okay not really a Duchess... actually the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. (even though there IS a duchess in the story). Anyway, I started working on the pattern for the Queen.

And here's a picture of my favorite place to work...

.... sitting on my bed with a big work desk (aka piece of cardboard). Yay for stocking feet in the pic. I have an area set up in my den, but it's by a window and it gets cold in there. Plus on my bed I can stick pins through the cardboard and into the bed to hold down patterns and stuff.

By the way, I use Husky 3.5 Plastic sheeting (the clear kind) to transfer my patterns onto. It's less than $10 at Wal-Mart for 250 square feet and makes perfect, indestructible pattern pieces.

Just lay the plastic over your pattern piece and pin (this is where pinnable surfaces come in super handy) and trace away.

Here are all the bodice pieces traced and cut out. I'm using Simplicity 3782 as my base. I'll need to alter the collar and probably the skirt so it will lay flat and not be gathered. Plus it'll need adjusting to get the red and black panels to line up correctly on the bodice and sleeves. And the waist needs to be squared off.

So there's my start.

I've also started my school project... well one of them. Bill the Duck from "The Chicken Opera". No, seriously. That's the name. But one of the characters is a duck... I may have mentioned this already... and I started working on his jacket.

I'm using a Burda pattern 2726 as the base... but the plan is to change the front to have more of a tuxedo vest front with a shawl collar... After all, we want him to be duck-like.

I've also had to grade this pattern like crazy because the closest pattern we could find was the smaller size envelope and the actor is not those sizes.

So here are a few shots of that.

Ducks in coattails and makeshift lapdesks,



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