A lazy weekend....

Okay, so not really...

Saturday, I spent the day at work... then hung out with my sisters who were in town. Sunday I went to sword fighting practice -- yes I play with swords! Did you expect anything less? Maybe I'll film some stuff and post it... hmmm....

I also finished watching all of the Boukenger series and have moved on to Gekirenger. BTW... I really love the fight choreo style for Geki... it's so fluid and lyrical... costumes are a little plain though... but I guess that's to give the stunt persons room to move. Also I'm assuming that since the suits are made by an athletic wear company (in the show) the quite sporty style of the suits should be expected.

You'll soon learn that I'm a huge sentai fan. (for those of you who are going "huh?" the sentai series are the original Japanese shows that Power Rangers are borrowed from) One day I hope to own a sentai costume or 2 or 4 or 12.

I also watched the latest episode of Once Upon a Time. Again, I tell you, it's a such a great show and the costumes are beautiful... if you're not watching it, you're depriving your poor eyeballs of costume candy.

I also attempted to film a video, but the lighting came out a little too dark so I'm going to re-film it soon.

So yeah, it wasn't really a lazy weekend.... More like... a very non costumey productive weekend.

And now I'm off to bed so I can get up for class in 5 hours.

Snoozing and Sentai suits...



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