Hey all!!

So, for those who don't know... A turducken is apparently a kind of new thing where your stuff a chicken into a duck and then stuff that into a turkey and roast it. It's probably delicious... and horrible for your cholesterol.

But anyway.

I thought of that because in my costuming class, I'm working on costumes for the upcoming opera--which is a children's opera about barnyard animals. Don't ask me, I just make the costumes.

In this opera there's a turkey, a duck, and some chickens. (along with other various barnyard animals). And that's what I was working on today. The turkey, the duck, and the chickens.

So the turkey and the duck are married in this show, and they're both going to be dressed in a sort of stylized Victorian look--which will hopefully look cool when it's all done.

And I started drafting the duck's tailcoat today.

I'll have to remember to start taking my camera to class so I can photograph everything and post it here.

But now, after a full day of school and and then a shift at work, it is time for a nappy.

Turduckens and Tailcoats,


PS. I totally forgot to mention this, but I have a new cosplay planned for All-Con 2012.

Skullboy from Ruby Gloom (which is awesome and you should watch it)


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