Once upon a time....

there was a costumer named Jason. During the fall primetime lineup one season, he started watching a little show based on fairy tale characters who've forgotten who they are.

Yes. That is the plot line. Due to the evil queen's curse, all of the happily ever afters never happened and the characters are now living in modern times with no recollection of their past lives.

The series cuts back and forth between the present and the fairy tale times -- filling us in on how the characters came to be the characters we love.

I love this show. Not only is it well written, heart-warming, and engaging, it manages to do so without being trashy, raunchy or risque--making it an actual "family friendly" show.

But let's get down to what I love the most about this show.

The costumes.

The costumes are fantastic!!!

And what I really love is how the show has opted to portray all of the witches, and evil queens as glammed out hotties instead of shriveled haggy old women.

I also like how the costumes are nice mix between fantasy, traditional and modern clothing...

Here's some pictures!!!

Here's Emma Caulfield (you know her better as Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) as the Witch from Hansel and Gretel.

Another of Emma

Little Red Riding Hood. (This is the first time they've shown her as her fairy tale self -- in her modern day incarnation she's kinda trampy... heavy make up, shorty shorts, etc. But here, she's absolutely stunning.)

Maleficent, from the Sleeping Beauty story (who has yet to appear in the series)

A couple of the Evil Queen.

There are a lot more costumes, obviously... but check out the show. It's really good!

Sorry Glinda, these bad witches aren't ugly...



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